Energize the Chain-India, in collaboration with American Tower and Karuna Trust, will be extending the vaccine cold chain into Rajasthan, India’s largest state. With their help, we will be rolling out 35 pilot sites, to be followed by 50 additional sites.  

American Tower owns and operates cell towers around the world, with more than 1,900 cell tower sites in India alone, and is committed to providing power and connectivity for vaccine refrigerators in the most vulnerable areas of the country. American Tower is also our partner in EtC-Ghana. 

Karuna Trust is a public charitable trust that has been implementing health and development programs through public/private partnerships in India for more than two decades. 

Our collaboration will improve the efficiency of vaccine storage and delivery systems in parts of India by:

  • Supplying energy efficient vaccine refrigerators to rural clinics
  • Providing reliable power for the refrigerators through cell phone towers and solar panels 
  • Enabling remote monitoring of the refrigerators using the cell tower connectivity.