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Energize the Chain 'Life Sciences Award' Winner for Best Innovation from a Research Institute


On August 20, 2012, Philadelphia Business Journal and program partner, Pennsylvania Bio, unanimously selected Energize the Chain to receive the Philadelphia Business Journal 2012  Life Sciences award for Best Innovation from a Research Institute. See the official announcement here.


A note from Dr. Harvey Rubin:

"This is a wonderful recognition of the extraordinary hard work by all of our volunteers in Energize the Chain.  Hopefully it will also bring attention to the plight of the many millions of children who go without vaccines or get inactive vaccines because the cold chain is not adequate in remote parts of the world.  Thanks to Steph Rosenfeld who nominated us for this award and thanks to those of you who agreed to be referees for the judges.  This is only the beginning.  As I write this, our colleague Aravind Menon is in India setting up a pilot project for Energize the Chain funded by a grant we received from the Rockefeller Foundation, Alice Conant is working with Congresso in Philadelphia to set up a program in Argentina, and we just initiated conversations with a major health care group in The Gambia to bring Energize the Chain to that country."