Mobile Operators Help Get Vaccines to People in Need

From TMForum's information portal: Every year, more than 2 million children worldwide die from preventable diseases because they lack access to the vaccines that could prevent their illnesses. Energize The Chain (ETC), a not-for-profit technology service company, is working with mobile network operators in developing nations on a revolutionary Internet of Things application that could significantly reduce the number of deaths.

As it turns out, mobile base stations are the perfect place to store vaccines, which are extremely sensitive to temperature change. When vaccines freeze or are heated, their molecular bonds are broken, explains Dr. Harvey Rubin, Professor of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania and Founder and Director, ETC. The temperature of vaccines cannot dip below 1.6 degrees Celsius or peak above 7.2 degrees. That means they cannot survive the long trek from manufacture to injection without refrigeration. In fact, about 25-40 percent of vaccines spoil before they reach patients in rural areas....

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