Papers and Presentations

Papers and Presentations

Energize the Chain: Partnership Overview
The EtC model, pilot test, development plan, and management team. (PDF)

ETC Presentation 'Energy for Health: Cell Phone Expansion and Disease Prevention'
Technical details about mobile coverage and refrigeration needs. (PDF)

GSMA Presentation 'Green Power for Mobile'
How green power can be deployed across mobile grids. From GSMA, a global association of mobile operators. (PDF)

GSMA Presentation 'Community Power'
White paper discussing the promise of bringing electricity from mobile bases into communities. (PDF)

The Broader Economic Impact of Vaccination in Low and Middle Income Countries 
Deogoankar R, Hutubessey R, Putten I, Evers S, Jit M. Systematic review of studies evaluating the broader impact of vaccination in low and middle income countries. BMC Public Health 2012, 12:878.