Imagine a world in which all children are protected by life-saving vaccines.  

Energize the Chain is working to make this a reality.

The lives of millions of children depend on it.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the very nature of our work at EtC. There has been a widespread and drastic reductions in routine vaccination programs around the world during the pandemic. The world is faced with providing scarce resources to vulnerable populations on an enormous scale, which is now magnified with the need to deliver safe and effective coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) vaccines. In response to this new challenge, we launched a donation program where we suggest that people who received their vaccines at no personal cost, make a donation to EtC so that we can assist low- and middle- income countries meet the daunting task of distributing these new vaccines and the routine vaccines while maintaining proper cold chain requirements. You can find the donation button and more information about the program under DONATE on the top right-hand side of the screen.


Vaccines save millions of lives each year and are amongst the most effective ways to fight and eradicate infectious disease. But, to maintain their effectiveness, vaccines must be kept cold from the time they are manufactured to the time they are administered (referred to as “the cold chain”).  

Energize the Chain (EtC) was founded to solve the missing link in vaccine delivery--the cold chain and ensure that children around the world receive uncompromised, effective, life-saving vaccines.  Keeping vaccines cold is extremely challenging in the developing world, where power is unreliable at best, unavailable at worst which results in placing the most vulnerable populations at risk. So, EtC developed a system to harness the power, distribute, and connect to available remote cell phone towers to provide energy, data, and communications necessary to maintain and monitor the cold chain. EtC’s solutions create an economically and technologically sustainable energy infrastructure for effective transportation and storage of vaccines.  As mobile phone coverage blankets the globe, harnessing the energy of telecommunication towers continue to provide the source to achieve this infrastructure. 

EtC has developed public-private partnerships with cell tower companies, ministries of health, GAVI and other non-profit  organizations to ensure access to the energy, connectivity, and data needed to expand the vaccine cold chain into the developing world.  EtC envisions a world with universal access to effective vaccines and an end to senseless deaths from preventable diseases.