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Dear All,

You probably know that Americans and generally people in other high-income countries will not be charged to get their vaccine. However low- and middle-income countries still need to purchase and distribute the vaccine - a huge challenge and, quite honestly, makes me feel way too privileged. Headline pieces in the New York Times about vaccine costs and distribution in low and middle income countries which can be found here and here, noted: "...World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among others — has secured less than $5 billion of a targeted $38 billion".

We are starting a campaign where, when someone gets their vaccine, they donate whatever they can to Energize the Chain using the “DONATE” button above, and we directly help low and middle income countries purchase and distribute the vaccine. Add in potential for corporate matching funds and you’ve raised a ton of money. Of course, we will not turn away donations even before the person gets vaccinated.  I received my vaccination at Penn Med and will start it off. 

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2020 has been an incredibly challenging year.  Energize the Chain is working hard to help countries strengthen and extend their cold chain infrastructure to now include distribution of any of the new COVID-19 vaccines. Optimizing the cold chain is always a daunting task and the new stress on the system makes it even harder. 

During this past year,

  • EtC has rebuilt and extended its work in Zimbabwe with our partner Econet Wireless, our first and steadfast partner who continues to support our work in Zimbabwe. Our fearless team also launched installations in Myanmar and is extending our work to its eastern districts.

  • We recently completed a baseline survey in Bangladesh with our NGO partner Footsteps Bangladesh and plan to roll out initially in the Mymensingh district with plans to cover the entire country.

  • In Ghana, we are re-analyzing the original EtC sites in Upper East, Upper West and Volta in collaboration with our partners American Tower, USAID, and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to support distribution of the COVID vaccine.

  • We are negotiating with partners in Zambia, Nigeria and Guinea Conakry and hope to roll out in the next quarter.

  • Other countries and international agencies have contacted us to explore collaborations and we are actively pursuing these.

 We could not do any of this without the ongoing support and assistance of GAVI, Johnson and Johnson, and Econet Wireless, the very generous donations from our friends, family, and other supporters such as yourself.

 Thank you,

Harvey and the EtC Team

Thank you for considering making a gift to Energize the Chain. Energize the Chain relies on the generosity of our partners and donors to ensure the longevity of our mission. Whether it is a one-time gift, a program-specific gift, or a long-term planned gift, we can accommodate your giving needs so that you make a difference in the Energize the Chain community.


Please review our options below and if you would like to speak with someone directly at Energize the Chain, we would love to hear from you. Your donations can make a tremendous impact!  Let us know if you want to volunteer too. Contact Denise Winner at 310-766-6451 or send an email to [email protected].

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