Dr. Harvey Rubin to Give Keynote at Digital Disruption 2014

Dr. Rubin will be featured as a keynote speaker at Digital Disruption 2014, a digital innovation and business transformation conference in San Jose, California, on December 8-11. He'll address the ways that EtC is forging innovative partnerships between the telecom industry and the health infrastructure in Africa and India.

Forbes.com Talks to Harvey Rubin about Ebola and Cold Chain

Forbes.com's Faye Flam talks to Harvey Rubin, MD, PhD, about challenges in maintaining the cold chain for a future Ebola vaccine. Dr. Rubin notes that with Ebola, lack of refrigeration for biologics and vaccines represents part of a bigger problem with infrastructure. What we need, he says, is an international organization dedicated to tracking and responding to outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Public/Private Partnerships and the Cold Chain: EtC Powers Solutions

Private equity firms are investing in the cold chain. Why? It's not just vaccines that need to be kept at appropriate temperature: other commodities such as foods have specific cold temperature requirements.

Knowledge@Wharton, the Wharton School's online journal of business analysis, looks at the cold chain landscape as a potential business opportunity built on the foundation of innovation that EtC has established.

Mobile Operators Help Get Vaccines to People in Need

This piece by Dawn Bushaus from TM Forum, a global digital trade association, highlights the promise of EtC and expansion plans beyond Zimbabwe.

Every year, more than 2 million children worldwide die from preventable diseases because they lack access to the vaccines that could prevent their illnesses. Energize The Chain (ETC), a not-for-profit technology service company, is working with mobile network operators in developing nations on a revolutionary Internet of Things application that could significantly reduce the number of deaths...