Our Staff

Our Staff

Harvey Rubin, MD, PhD 
Founder, Executive Director 

In 2011, Dr. Rubin had a simple idea: leverage the pervasiveness of cell towers throughout the world to provide a power source for vaccine refrigerators in remote areas in underdeveloped countries. From that, Energize the Chain was born. Dr. Rubin has been successfully championing this idea ever since, launching EtC programs in Zimbabwe, Ghana, and now expanding into other countries, protecting underserved populations from preventable diseases.

Dr. Rubin is Professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and Professor of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. His research in infectious diseases has been funded by the NIH, NSF, DARPA and the Global Alliance for TB Drug Discovery and has resulted in more than 90 peer-reviewed papers chapters or reviews.   

Alice Conant 
Research and Development Coordinator 

Alice is a co-founder of Energize the Chain (EtC) and leads the EtC India initiative. As an undergraduate working on launching the EtC model she worked in both Zimbabwe and India extensively studying the distribution network and efficacy of vaccine cold chain systems. Her research has been sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Econet Foundation and she has been featured as a keynote speaker at both the ECOSOC Partnership Forum for addressing the Post-2015 Millenium Development Goals and at the 2011 and 2013 International Conferences on Health Geographic Information Systems. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2013, she became a Penn Social Impact Fellow and was chosen as a Fulbright Scholar, travelling to India to further study issues of healthcare. accessibility in underserved communities.

Robin Davison 
Director of Communications 

Robin joined Energize the Chain during the summer of 2014 to help expand Energize the Chain's programs into new countries. Prior to joining Energize the Chain, she worked as a consultant, communcations director, writer, and medical malpracice defense attorney. She also founded a company and developed a product line to identify and protect children with health issues, which she ultimately sold to a larger company. Robin received her BA from Brandeis University, MPH from Columbia University, and JD from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.  

Nicholas Saidel, JD, MA 
Associate Direcor 

Nick received his J.D. from Georgetown University and his M.A. in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. Mr. Saidel received his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania in Political Science with a focus on Middle East Affairs.